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Canton Gear Services

Ø Slotting             Ø Thread Milling              Ø CNC Milling / Turning 

Ø Single Keyways         Ø Hobbing / Spline Hobbing


~Spur Gear
~Bevel & Miters -       0” to 36”
~Rack Gears -          0” to 8’
~Worm/Worm Gears - 0” to 60”
~Internal     0” to 36” ~External    3/8” to 60”
~Involute Internals ~Involute Externals
~Straight Sided Internals  ~Straight Sided Externals


Specialists in Extrusion Gear Box Rebuilding

    The highest quality workmanship, sensible pricing and the fastest turnaround in the industry ensure Canton Gear’s reputation as a leader in gear box rebuilding. In most cases Canton Gear can reduce rebuilding time by weeks or even months.

    Working with a wide variety of materials including steel, brass, aluminum, plastics and nylon, Canton Gear produces gears of the highest quality. Spurs, Helical, Internal and External splines, involute and straight splines, bevels, miters, racks, worms and worm gears are among the many types of gears available.

    To better serve our customers and optimize the service and wear life of the gears, Canton Gear offers a number of secondary operations such as:


~Flame Hardening  ~Carburizing
~Induction Hardening  ~Harden, Quench and Temper




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